Master’s and Doctoral Symposium

ITEE 2015 M&D Symposium Call for Participation

Masters and doctoral candidates in the fields of Computer Science, Environmental Engineering, Informatics, Economics and the social sciences who are doing research in the field of Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering are cordially invited to participate in the Masters and Doctoral Students’ Symposium to be held during the 7th Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering Conference (ITEE 2015, A special, additional theme for the 2015 M&D Symposium will be the Internet of Things for environmental or social improvement.

ITEE 2015 aims to bring leading researchers in IT-enabled environmental engineering related disciplines together to share novel research, current studies and potential for future collaboration. It will enable researchers in these disciplines to share cutting edge knowledge and new ideas in Ecoinformatics, sustainable development and interdisciplinary approaches, where Computer Science offers the infrastructure for environmental data collection and management, scientific simulations, decision support and reporting.

The ITEE 2015 Masters and Doctoral Students Symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for masters and doctoral candidates to receive constructive feedback on their proposals and progress made, from outstanding researchers in the field of Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering. ITEE 2015 will also provide very useful learning and networking opportunities to candidates.

ITEE 2015 will be held at the Summerstrand Hotel, Port Elizabeth, South Africa from Tuesday, 14 July to Thursday, 16 July 2015.

Candidates wishing to participate in the M&D symposium must submit a 3 to 4 page paper describing their research proposal and progress made to the ITEE 2015 conference website by 10 April. Candidates will be notified of the outcome of their submission by 1 May 2015. Candidates must also prepare and bring an A3 proposal poster to be displayed at the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to get feedback from senior academics and researchers. Make contact and email Dr Brenda Scholtz ( your research proposal.

Please visit the ITEE 2015 conference website ( to submit your paper and register for the Masters and Doctoral Students Symposium. Details regarding costs and other information can be found on the web page. High quality contributions with novel ideas may be eligible for the student competition (details to follow).